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Prieto Picudo

The grape variety known as “Prieto Picudo” is native to the North of Zamora province and the South of Leon, both included in the most important Spanish region on wine production which is Castilla y León.

The ground, which provide the peculiarities to this variety, is reddish and has a certain acidity that needs lime amendments to balance its pH.

Its production, in relation to other grape varieties, it’s between a 10%-15% lower, what makes its viticulture potentials much appreciated by winemakers.

Its assembly with the Tempranillo variety is optimum, creating broths with an outstanding nose by its fruity aroma and pleasant tannins and balance acidity in the mouth.

The best we can say about this grape is the necessity that the oenologist has to create a different and awesome wine.



It reigns in the Rueda wine country, close to Duero river, where provides unmistakable character and personality white wines, full of white flower and freshly harvested grass aromas. 

The Verdejo grape use to be harvested during the night. In this way, the grape arrives to the winery at a temperature of between 10-15 ºC, which entails to a lower oxidation and must darkening.

This wines are traditionally sober in aromas, with a great structure and balance in the mouth. The greenish yellow color and the fruity aromas makes them unmistakable. This variety is, without question, one of the greatest white varieties native to Spain.

Its white wines, with their delicate flavor and excellent acidity level, provide to the region its reference fruity white wine.



It is the Spanish red grape by excellence, reigning in the best Spanish wine regions (Rioja, Ribera del Duero, Toro).

This strain, of early maturation –where its Spanish name came from- and moderate production; produces medium/high body wines, with great fineness and delicacy, what makes them suitable to be aged in oak barrels.

The Tempranillo grape gives structured wines with aging potential; characteristic berries aromas, such as, blackberry and cranberry; fruity flavor with deep blackberry nuances and characteristic ruby color.



Syrah variety, also known as Shiraz, is a red grape grown all over the world and it’s used specially to produce red wine. The style and profile of flavors from the wines made of Syrah are influenced by the weather where the grapes were grown. Moderate climates used to provide a medium-full body wine with medium-high tannins level, as well as blackberry, peppermint and black pepper flavors. In warm climates, wines are more consistent, with full body, softer tannins and candied fruit, spices, anise and ground notes. In several regions, the acidity and the tannic levels of the Syrah give to the wine more aging capacity.

The Syrah grape is used to make varietal wines and also blended wines.

The origin of Syrah name legends make reference to the synonymous Shiraz. Shiraz is a very old city of Iran where a very known wine named Shirazi is produced. The legends said that the Syrah grape was originated in Shiraz and, later, was carried to Ródano.

The wines that made famous the Syrah were the ones from “Hermitage”, a hill with a hermitage on the top of Tain-l’Hermitage city, in the north of the Rodano.



It’s a red grape variety which its raceme is cylindrical, small and sparse. The grain is minute, with a burnished skin, sweet pulp and bluish black color. The name comes from the French diminutive of blackbird (“merle”), probably because of its black plumage similarity.

The Merlot variety is characterized by its fineness and smoothness, while still being aromatic and meaty. It has very intense ruby color, medium abv. and it gets old rapidly without losing quality. The Merlot grape is native from Bordeaux, where it is the most grown variety. It becomes an international variety, the second most requested red grape variety after the Cabernet Sauvignon, which is used principally as a variety of improvement in the racking to give smoothness and balance to the wine.

Tinta de toro.JPG

Tinta de Toro

“Tinta de Toro" is a kind of Tempranillo grape, grown mainly in Toro region (Zamora) for wine varieties.

It’s a “noble grape” from Spain, with a great fineness and very aromatic, which provides high quality wines and long aging because of its low oxidative level. It has a very fruity taste and a characteristic ruby color which is seen especially in the young wines.

The vine is vigorous and has early maturation, so the typical frosts of the area during the latest period of maturation don’t affect it too much. Furthermore, it’s sensitive to drought and illnesses. The racemes are compact and medium size, formed by medium berries with round shape and bluish black color.